White Rhino


(Latin = Ceratotherium simum, Afrikaans =Witrenoster, German = Weisses nashorn)

Numbers: Fairly low
Weight: 1400 - 2300 (3080 - 5060lb.)
Shoulder height: 180 cm (72 in.)


Found in the Kruger National Park (and some surrounding parks), at game parks in the northeastern area of KwaZulu-Natal, at some game farms in the North West Province, in more and more game farms in the Northern Province. Much more relaxed than the black rhino, this prehistoric figure is, in own right, a massive animal. This square lipped rhino is, with the hippopotamus, next in line of size in the mammal world after the elephant. Although it shares the bad eyesight and receptive hearing with the black rhino, it doesn't share its bad temper. Tourists can dare to come a little closer to this one without having as much to fear. Seeing this rhino run (usually, if not too much disturbed, in small circles), is a brilliant, almost slow motion feast for the eye. A rhino can consume up to 100 kg of grass a day. It's awkward horns can grow way over 60 inches, but this is also, in many instances,the sought-after item which illegal hunters try to obtain. This have caused the unplanned death of many rhinos.After the shock of 1920 (there was only 20 of these creatures left in the country) its numbers today have recovered to the extend that it's future seems to be well-guaranteed.