Red Duiker


(Latin = Cephalophus natalensis, Afrikaans = Rooi duiker, German = Rotducker)

Numbers: Low
Weight: 11 - 14kg (24 - 31 lb.)
Shoulder height: 43 cm (17 in.)
Females horns: Yes


The red duiker are found only along the southern escarpment and Lowveld area of east Mpumalanga, in a small patch of central (slightly north) Northern Province, but mostly in the north coast area of KwaZulu-Natal.

The distinct little red antelope is not spotted often, for both in numbers and in boldness it won't score high. Shaded in the colours of the sunset, the red duiker much prefers the thick bush and mountain or forest areas and river-beds. Under the shades, it will find itself a way where others aren't even aware of any moving space. Going solo for most of the year, it will in the mating season temporarily be seen in pairs. Then, aromatic body fluids (mostly from glands near the eyes or the nose) will play its part in the teaming up game. The red duiker lives in areas that are stuffed with wild fruits, and makes ample use of this in its diet. The red duiker is smaller than the common duiker and very wary of intrusion. It takes a lot of seeking before this one will be found, and, long before the cameras will click, only the echo of it's sharp squeak will be noticed. For by then this one will already be much, much deeper in a dark tunnel of forest thickness.