The semi arid Kalahari straddles two of South Africa's provinces namely the North West and Northern Cape. It also stretches into the countries of Botswana and Namibia where this thirsty land supports great herds of Plains Game. We conduct safaris in the far Eastern areas of the Kalahari. This region is less arid than the Central Kalahari with an abundance of Camel Thorn Trees dotting the landscape. A further characteristic of the area are rolling sand dunes which are covered by sparse vegetation. It is the area of the world which the bushman call home and in some of the concessions you should have the opportunity to see these legendary trackers at work.

The area is very sparsely populated with a sense of quiet vastness definitely apparent. The distance from the closest cities or towns ensures that very little light pollution occurs , which make it one of the best places from which to view the stars of the southern hemisphere. On a clear night it seems possible to pluck the stars from the sky and the view of the heavens which can be experienced here is sure to add to the enjoyment of your African Safari...


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