Understanding the term "High fenced hunting":  False propaganda will have you end up paying way more for the exact same thing in a different wrapper.

As a hunter I am sometimes shocked and surprised at how our own perceptions and views gets affected by those who oppose us, the Anti-hunting groups.

Not many years ago it was considered a honor to hunt an Elephant, if you look at these legendary hunts it was customary for a hunter to sit on top of the trophy for photos, today if you see a photo like that online they get more attacks from hunters than anti hunters because "you do not respect the animal and it is not ethical" and many more accusations.

To a large extent the same started to apply to high fenced hunting areas, I can honestly understand the resistance to small camp fencing known as “High Fenced Hunting” in the USA because of the size of the encampment, in South Africa we call it a "boma", a temporary containment facility, a place where you can stand on the one fence and see the other fence, now I would agree with anybody that shooting an animal in such an area does not even deserve debate, it is not hunting.

The problem that has developed over the years is that marketers for both the unfenced hunting areas and anti-hunting groups started using this to sell their view on hunting, now as anything that is said and used as a tool for marketing, one should consider the facts before buying the argument.

In South Africa we have properties with fences, we call it “Game Fenced Properties”, that is by no means the same thing as the punted “High Fenced hunting areas" you might have heard of.

To start off with, in the South African Nature Conservation legislation there is a permit a property owner can apply for that is called an exemption permit, this permit only gets issued if a property is larger than 400 hectare (988 Acres), the condition for the exemption permit is that the property be fenced so to keep animals inside the boundary inside and animals outside the boundary outside, thus the abundance of game fences because when an owner is granted the exemption he is exempted from hunting seasons and the game on the property is his property.

So considering the benefits to hunters/clients is that firstly, Outfitters can offer hunts out of season, secondly the animals being the property of the land owner the animals becomes part of the free market system and the ability for owners to do things like donations and offers to clients.

Now, most properties that clients hunt on are larger than 2400 acres and can go all the way up to 40 000 acres which is large properties, the animals on the properties are self reliant and breed by themselves, they are also untamed nor used to humans as there are ample place to hide and there is very little to no interaction with humans.

I have asked clients to identify a specific animal he/she sees while on a property, once he did I ask him to count the amount of times he sees that same animal for the full trip, and in very rare cases they have seen that animal 1 to 2 times in a full week, but most times they never saw it again.

Then one of the most popular marketing tactics for some of these so called free ranging properties or unfenced properties is these beautiful pictures you see for example Blesbuck, Wildebeest and other species behind these low cattle fences, and I have seen that some of these camps that are quite small on these same pictures as well.

How many times do they sell that to people as "non high fenced properties"? and yes it is not high fenced, but it does not mean the animals on these properties are uncontained animals, because the part that never gets shared is that there aren't that many animals that has the ability or the will to jump over low fences like the Kudu does.

Species like wildebeest and blesbuck to name a few are contained because they do not jump fences, in the unlikely event where they actually do "jump" over a fence they damage the fence as they rather jump/dive through it and they have to be chased or spooked before they do that.

The point is that I would like to advise free thinking people not to jump on these catch phrases or jingles people
warn you about like “High Fenced” and "canned" as in most cases it is just marketing jingles to promote either properties with the same practice just with lower fences or the Anti viewpoint.

So if you are a hunter, I hope you will consider the facts around this emotional subject and get the facts for yourselves, as you might be a victim of brilliant marketing by making one of the most practical management tools for game breeding and hunting, the game fence, the reason you miss great opportunities and deals based on false propaganda and you end up paying way more for the exact same thing in a different wrapper.

Because this is such an interesting subject we started a tread on Africahunting.com a while back where we asked these questions and had random people whom have hunted South Africa farms tell their side, please read it, you will be surprised about the facts and the realities of the “High Fenced” subject.