EPIC RANT: Professional Huntress Destroys Anti-Hunting Toad Who Threatened Her Life

To the KEYBOARD warrior who threatened me:

The main difference between a hunter and an anti-hunter is we do and we don’t just talk. Firstly, we do our own hunting/killing, whereas you have it done for you.

Who kills the chicken you eat at KFC or McDonald’s, the beef you buy in store, the Whale fat in your soap, the animal testing for your deodorants, the gelatin in your favorite jelly sweets? Have you never killed? This is the ignorance and it’s pathetic. Have you never killed an insect with your car or hired an exterminator to kill pests? Have you never paid taxes to your municipality so that they can contain rats and other plagues? Has no plant ever died providing you food? How many animals, critters and plants have died for you to live, the spot your house is built on, and the roads you drive to the place you work? How many animals had to be hunted to sustain the country that the fathers whom created the great America in which you live?


Easy 4-Step Guide

Marvel Africa Safaris understands that booking an African Safari is a big decision and that anyone thinking of it has several questions. We would like to be there for you all the way, from the moment you start planning till the day your precious trophies are against your wall in your home.

Here is a short STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE of how it works and we will personally walk you through every facet.


Understanding the term "High fenced hunting":  False propaganda will have you end up paying way more for the exact same thing in a different wrapper.

As a hunter I am sometimes shocked and surprised at how our own perceptions and views gets affected by those who oppose us, the Anti-hunting groups.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will meet me at the Airport ?

You will be met at O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in the arrivals lounge by your professional hunter. From the day you arrive in South Africa till the day you depart, you will be in our care.


First time hunting in Africa? Here are some myths and the truth.

Of the many that dream of hunting Africa only a few will ever do it, there are a few reasons for that and then for those who do not do it there are many excuses like it is to expensive.

With this page we would like to give you a bit more facts that can help you be part of the few.


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