Limpopo is South Africa's most northerly province. It is named after the river which forms the border between South Africa on the one side and Zimbabwe and Botswana on the other. A large part of the Kruger National Park is located in the province and it can rightfully lay claim to being an area of the world which is home to one of the greatest diversity's of mammal species. They range in size from Brant's Climbing Mouse which weighs no more than a few grams to the mighty African Elephant where the male can weigh up to seven thousand kilograms. In addition to the diversity in mammal species the area is blessed with a rich bird life with many of South Africa's most colorful birds found in the area.

Rainfall increases from East to West and the low lying areas of the province are characterized by wooded savannah with the Northern Drakensberg rising to form the divide between the Limpopo Bushveld and the Lowveld. Malaria is endemic to the Lowveld, a physician should be consulted concerning precautions which are advisable, and insect repellent is a must during the summer months. Rainfall occurs mainly in summer and would typically be late afternoon thunder showers which are fierce but short in duration, with lightning that creates a most spectacular display. The area is best visited between April and September. Winters are mild and in the author's opinion the combination of warm days and chilly evenings make it the best time of year to hunt in the area.

Limpopo Bushveld Hunting Camp

The Camps and Lodges we use on our hunting safaris in the Limpopo Bushveld are all very comfortable, even luxurious. All modern ammenities are available in each of the camps. The specific camp from which your safari will be conducted is determined by us prior to the start of your safari after evaluating variables such as potential droughts, trophy numbers and quality and a host of other factors which can influence your hunting safari. All hunting safaris we conduct in the Limpopo Bushveld are conducted from one of these camps or lodges. Our success rate is very close to 100%.


Limpopo Primary hunting Lodge (South African base camp)

Our primary lodge in the Limpopo Bushveld is located about 3.5 hours drive from O.R Tambo International Airport where you will be met by either us or your professional hunter. It is set in wooded savannah in one of the prime hunting areas of South Africa. An abundance of different plains game species as well as most of the Big Five are found in the area.